Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Evening Well Spent

Changing Times:

I have the whole, quiet house to myself for the first time since returning to South Dakota. Which means I have several consecutive hours of peaceful alone time for the first time in… over a month?

So: how did I spend it?

Watching soccer, of course!

Tonight the USA played Argentina in a friendly match here in the US - and for the first time in my soccer-loving life, I am living somewhere that has access to a channel that will actually play the match! So you better believe I had the TV set on ESPN 2 hours in advance.

Did I mute it and do something else while waiting for the game to come on?

Glad you asked! The answer? No!

Why would I? How could I? Not when on Sports Center was: a pre-season Cubs game! YEA Cubbies: So glad you beat TX! :)

After the game? I eventually lost interest because they were talking about March Madness, and for whatever reason, I dont have the fever. Or really follow basketball at all.

But then… who needs it with other great games and superior sports to follow?

For those wondering: USA and Argentina drew at 1-1.

and the Cubs? Yes. This is the year!