Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Season for Change

I've been scrolling through some old journal entries lately and reflecting in the parallels of seasons of change in my life. So far, I am really excited about this transition into my life in Clark, SD, and I have no reason to believe that will be changing any time soon. So while these are not words I have thought to say or write, I realize how very, very true they are for my life here and now.

And that is a beautiful thing. So I thought I would share them in their natural state of messiness.

"...and just like that... my life has changed. Again.

I'm thrown back into routines and expectations and that thing we call "life." I'm back. It's like I never left. So many things haven't changed. Yet they have in a way that is distancing and confusing and welcoming and exciting all at once.

The train [my car in SD] becomes a refuge. A big part of my life, to be sure. For better or worse.

So here we are: community new and old, all now a part of one another's lives. I am now acquainted with people who will play huge roles in my story of life.

I anticipate with countless layers of emotions the way those stories will play out."

For all of these things and more, I am Thankful.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prayerful Politics

The time has come: I'm finally going to name that which I have actively been avoiding: It's election season.

I'm so tired of the back-and-forth, the anger, the accusations, the lies... the politics, I suppose.

Which is why I have actively avoided as much to do with the upcoming elections as I can. The irony of that is I am finding it was much, much easier when I lived in Washington, DC than now that I live in South Dakota. Who knew!?
    (Disclaimer: I say that, but I do my reading, I research what the candidates have to say about issues I care most about, I still watch the news, etc: and I have certainly made my informed decision on who I'll vote for.)

Who I choose to vote for aside, I did tune into the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. Not to watch the politics, oddly enough, but because my friend Jena Nardella was invited to give the benediction/closing prayer. I tuned in to watch her and to listen to her words.

And what I found and heard was a non-partisan prayer we all need. If you didn't hear it and you haven't read it, please do so: you'll be glad you did. She posted the full transcript on her blog.

Thanks for your words, Jena. I have returned to them many times this week already, and surely will as we go forward. May this prayer be prayed again and again until it finds its way from our lips into our reality.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Partners in Ministry

Today I'm working from and beginning to settle into my new office at Clark United Methodist Church: where I will work as the pastor of both Clark United Methodist Church and Garden City United Methodist Church. Rather than fill the office with things I will surely find useful in time to come, I am first working on clearing the desk of piles of old mail and paperwork that have been left for me.

But first things first: I did bring one item with me to sit on my desk. As promised, this very first and ever-so-important item is none other than (bobble head) John Wesley. I am sure he will be present to inspire my work and many great conversations in the days to come.