Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Season for Change

I've been scrolling through some old journal entries lately and reflecting in the parallels of seasons of change in my life. So far, I am really excited about this transition into my life in Clark, SD, and I have no reason to believe that will be changing any time soon. So while these are not words I have thought to say or write, I realize how very, very true they are for my life here and now.

And that is a beautiful thing. So I thought I would share them in their natural state of messiness.

"...and just like that... my life has changed. Again.

I'm thrown back into routines and expectations and that thing we call "life." I'm back. It's like I never left. So many things haven't changed. Yet they have in a way that is distancing and confusing and welcoming and exciting all at once.

The train [my car in SD] becomes a refuge. A big part of my life, to be sure. For better or worse.

So here we are: community new and old, all now a part of one another's lives. I am now acquainted with people who will play huge roles in my story of life.

I anticipate with countless layers of emotions the way those stories will play out."

For all of these things and more, I am Thankful.

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