Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prayerful Politics

The time has come: I'm finally going to name that which I have actively been avoiding: It's election season.

I'm so tired of the back-and-forth, the anger, the accusations, the lies... the politics, I suppose.

Which is why I have actively avoided as much to do with the upcoming elections as I can. The irony of that is I am finding it was much, much easier when I lived in Washington, DC than now that I live in South Dakota. Who knew!?
    (Disclaimer: I say that, but I do my reading, I research what the candidates have to say about issues I care most about, I still watch the news, etc: and I have certainly made my informed decision on who I'll vote for.)

Who I choose to vote for aside, I did tune into the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. Not to watch the politics, oddly enough, but because my friend Jena Nardella was invited to give the benediction/closing prayer. I tuned in to watch her and to listen to her words.

And what I found and heard was a non-partisan prayer we all need. If you didn't hear it and you haven't read it, please do so: you'll be glad you did. She posted the full transcript on her blog.

Thanks for your words, Jena. I have returned to them many times this week already, and surely will as we go forward. May this prayer be prayed again and again until it finds its way from our lips into our reality.

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