Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lion's Head

I am leaving for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a few hours' time and should probably not be online, but as I was uploading photos onto my computer tonight I realized that if I dont post these now, I will likely overlook them upon our return from DRC.

On Saturday, we went for a hike at Lion's Head. It was our "warm up" hike before we hike Table Mountain the week we return from Congo. It was an absolutely PERFECT day for it, plenty hot but with a nice cool breeze. Of course... the breeze didn't keep the sun from giving me my nice first burn since arriving, but lesson learned, I suppose.

As you can see here, the view was absolutely incredible. Granted a photo hardly does it any justice, but it was absolutely breath-taking. I wanted to make sure I shared this. Definitely.

My first question upon reaching the top was if we could camp up there some time, but Vixa seemed confused as to why anyone would want to do that, haha. I do want to give a shout-out to Vixa for making us take the difficult route, though. At one point in the hike, we came to a crossroads with the "recommended route" continuing up a trail wrapping around the mountain, with another arrow pointing to a steep climb with a sign that says "at your own risk." Naturally, we took the risk. Why not add a little adventure to our day!?

This is one of the two climbs that was straight up, thus involving chains to help us climb up. I gotta admit I was super-hesitant at first, but it wasn't as bad/difficult as it looked (not for me, anyway). Still, it was pretty steep! This photo is actually on the way down, I went down ahead of Rachel, Hannah and Vixa, who you can see near the top in this photo. Good times!

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