Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jesus is a Chicken?

For the season of Lent, the students and staff of SHADE wrote a devotional. I wanted to share the final devotion of our small book, written by my boss, Rev. Tembo Kalenga.

"Jesus is a Chicken"

Have you ever wondered why we have Easter eggs during Easter? Jesus is a chicken.

As a child, I tried to touch a chick and I didn’t know that the hen was nearby. As I picked up the chick, the hen out of nowhere started chasing me and when it caught me, it poked me deep in my skin; until this day I am afraid of chickens. I have realized how over-protective a hen is over her chicks. When a hawk tries to attack the chicks, the hen screams and all the chicks run under her arms for protection.

Jesus will always protect you. When you are in danger, He will warm you in times of danger and He will watch over you. When a chick dies, the hen mourns and tries harder to protect her other chicks; like Jesus said, your pain is my pain. God why have you forsaken me? Matthew 26:36-43

People tend to call weak people chickens because they are afraid to do certain things. Jesus was a chicken, He was afraid of dying and He asked God if there is any other way. Yet He accepted the pain. Just like the chicken He died so that we could be saved in His name. Jesus is a chicken who will always protect you, just call upon His Holy Name.

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