Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doctors, Doctors and More Doctors...

One of the things that is really great about being where I am right now is how flexible my schedule is. Another is how caring the people I’m surrounded by are. Yet another still would be that I am living with a family who have been here long enough to be able to give me referrals when I need to go somewhere or do something.

When I first arrived, this referral was great, as it took me to the Sport Science Institute at Newlands. After seeing a couple specialists, I’m now going to a weekly knee class with the kinesiologist. Good stuff.

Following the beginning of sorting my knee, I began to focus on wholeness and health in other ways. For example, I’ve been battling with severe stomach cramps for a few months now. To be honest, I’ve brushed it aside and blamed it on stress, hoping that when I was removed from the high-stress environment, the physical side effects of the stress would also evaporate. While I’ve done the former, I’m sorry to report the later has not followed. So while the doctors I’ve seen have agreed it was likely (initially) stress-induced, stress deduction alone can’t make the body magically work properly again. Who knew? So I continue to make visits as we work toward physical wholeness and health. We are making progress, but it is a long, slow journey… and I’m learning to be patient.

I’ve basically decided that while I’m at it - why stop there? So today I went to an optometrist. I only wear my glasses when I’m reading or on a computer, but it has been three years since my last check up. I’ve been aware for some time that I’m in need of an updated prescription, so yesterday I made an appointment and today I had a check-up. Of course, keeping true to my nature these days, it could not be a simple or problem-free visit, so next week I’ll see a specialist and have some scans done. Due to similar scans I’ve had done in the past, I’m pretty confident this will be a simple check up with nothing exciting to discover. Better safe than sorry, though, so next week I’ll see another eye doctor…

Next on my list is a dentist. I wouldn’t want my schedule to fill up entirely with doctor visits so that I wouldn’t have time to get my other work done, so as soon as I finish with one of the doctors I’m regularly visiting now, I’ll make an appointment. I wouldn’t want too much excitement in life, after all.

But hey: at least I’m becoming well acquainted with the medical scene here in South Africa. and I must say: I’m impressed. I’ve had nothing less than quality care, and while medical care is not cheap anywhere in the world, I will confess I’d much rather pay for care here than back in the US of A!

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