Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Addition

Tonight, my roommate Holli returned from her short weekend home. It was a weekend with a purpose: she flew home with intentions of driving her car back so she would have access to a vehicle when moments of great need for road trips arise (I strongly affirm this!).

I for one am glad Holli has returned to this place we (at least I) currently call home. I am also grateful for some of the things she returned with: a rolling pin, a commuting bike... And most of all...


Meet the newest joyful, playful, furball edition to this home! Welcome, Hurley: I am glad (ecstatic!) you are here! There's just something about a pet that makes a house feel more like a home. :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

sooo cute! I recommend cord protectors (those plastic tubing that is designed to be used to organize cords) and if you ever want to bathe them start now! Furballs are great, and I want to meet this one in Sept if everything works as I hope it will!