Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome, Stinker!

Perhaps it is because I have never been so close to a couple (certainly not close to the male) having a child, perhaps it is because they are such close friends, perhaps it is because they are nearby and I got to walk next to them through most of the pregnancy, but I have never before been so very, very, very excited about the birth of a beautiful child. (I am so excited you would almost guess it were my own - not that I want my own right now - or at least immediate family!)

My very good friends Ross and Amanda are proud mommy and daddy of their first child, a baby BOY(!!), James Bennett, who was born this evening. Mom and baby are doing VERY well, and he is absolutely the most precious, beautiful little child I have seen in my life (and I have only seen pictures). I cannot wait to meet him!!!

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