Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Changes

I haven't updated in FOREVER...

Since the last time, big, big changes have taken place. I hope to update here periodically this summer (starting this weekend), so to give real updates, here's the 5cent update on things past -

First, perhaps most important - I GRADUATED! I now have a Master of Divinity Degree from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary! Graduation date was May 15, and not a day too soon! The picture below is immediately following the graduation ceremony, with 3 of my closest friends (and Ross and Amanda's sweet baby James!) who I have spent the past 3 years with. I LOVE these three (four!) amazing people, and have been so blessed by friendships with them.
Second - I have a plan for my life! I have been accepted as a Mission Intern with The United Methodist Church! Beginning in the fall (probably mid-September), I will attend a 3-week intensive training after which I will fly abroad (to a placement site yet to be determined), where I will serve as a missionary for the next 14-18 months. Following that placement, I will return to the US, where I will serve as a missionary in a domestic placement connected to the work I was doing abroad. I am VERY excited for this opportunity, and it fulfills exactly where I feel called to be serving right now. God is GOOD, and I cannot wait to see, experience, live into and serve in this ministry that seems so very very right.

Third - The Ride:Well Tour has begun! I am in LA right now, and since Thursday afternoon have been getting to know 17 strangers I will spend the rest of my summer with. Together, we will ride our bicycles across the US (from LA to Baltimore - 3311 miles!) to raise funds and awareness for Blood:Water Mission. I LOVE the team, and we had a great short ride today (about 20 miles) along the Atlantic in Long Beach, CA - where we took our official team pics on the beach. Tomorrow morning we will depart this haven in Long Beach that has been our place of gathering and training, and begin our trek out toward Dana Point. So begins our journey of staying in new places every night, slowly making our way across the United States powered only by our legs (and lots of food and water!).
This is our team only about an hour after we finally all gathered (at a pastor's house) -I hope to update more throughout the summer, and invite you to follow along on the website. It has already been an adventure with many tales to be told, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

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Karl Kroger said...

I'm really happy for you Jen. Congrats to you on all of your accomplishments and what God is doing through you.