Monday, March 1, 2010

We’ve Been on Acid…

Over the past 2 weeks, we have joked about a gremlin that must live on our plot out in Drumblade. It all started with Vixa, as he was the first to rip out a pair of jeans. The following day, Hannah did it. Then, on day 3, you guessed it: my favorite jeans! It was a sad day indeed.

Then came day 4, and if I was sad on day 3, I dont know how to describe my shock on day 4: my other nice pair of jeans were also torn out! I looked closely at the clothing, hoping to repair them, only to discover: the fabric was well worn, and easily tore like paper! So without a large patch to cover the entire effected area, no repairs could take place.

This required an investigation. I started talked about this at the office the next week and discovered shocking news: every staff person living on our plot, as well as a couple of Mama’s girls, have had this problem! What do we have in common? A lightbulb went off in my head late one night, but I wondered if I shared my conclusion if I wouldn’t be laughed at for having a conspiracy theory of sorts? It was worth a try… and I was surprised to be greeted with minimal laughter and lots of surprise. As the theory was passed along, more people came forward: about 20 items of clothing have been ruined.

My conclusion was this: a few weeks ago, a spare battery was placed in the boot of the car we use for transport to work (and the younger girls to school). This battery was tipped over spilling some of the batter acid in the boot. I ask: what if it leaked onto the back seat, and we are sitting on it: battery acid is eating our clothes! Soon we shall have none left…

At first, Vixa and Clifford laughed at me. Then I told Vixa I would ride in the front today, he could ride in the back with the girls. Suddenly, it wasn’t funny anymore! haha. So he got a cushion and covered the back seat, on which stains could be seen making it appear wet… could that be it?

Sure enough, that was it. No more clothes have come up holy as of yet, and the cushion from an outdoor lounge chair is clearly a lot stronger than our mostly-cotton clothing. Now I only wish we could make the car pay for the clothes that have forever been ruined! Oh, well, at least like all stories, there is a moral to this one: stay away from acid. It ruins you… and your clothes.

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