Thursday, March 11, 2010


We got word a couple of weeks ago, but I just realized I haven’t updated this exciting news on here yet!
In January, Hannah and I both put in to get tickets for the World Cup. To get tickets, you have to apply and wait for the random draw - if there are tickets available for the games requested when your name is drawn, you will be alloted the number of tickets requested.

I applied for 2 games and Hannah for 1, neither of us expecting to get everything we applied for. Hannah applied for 4 tickets so Danielle and JT could join us. I applied for 3 tickets to one game so Rachel could join Hannah and I, and 2 for the other since Hannah and I are the most excited about going to games.

Unfortunately, we did not get the tickets to the game we applied for a ticket for Rachel, but...


Both games are being played here in the Johannesburg area. The first game is a first-round game: Brazil vs. Cote d’ Ivoire! I have ALWAYS wanted to see Brazil play, in part due to my friend Naiara who is from Brazil and a soccer fanatic. I am REALLY excited about this game!!!

The second game is even more exciting and has potential to be a really great game. Hannah and I are going to a quarter-final match on July 3!

It is hard to believe how quickly it is approaching! I’m ready to have an excuse to go into the city and get into the World Cup madness, though - we have already reserved spaces on the couch in front of the television at Tembo and David’s house for some of the games. Just because we dont have a television doesn’t mean we wont be watching matches we dont have tickets to!

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Amihan said...

UGH... so yes I blow and barely read anybodies blogs, but now that I am, I know why I don't... OMG Hate you... aka sooooo jealous. that is going to be AMAZING... again, so jealous. have like 3822938674 beers for me at the games while you are there, ok? ok. love you much. and... we should talk sometime soon! ha