Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small but Important Steps

Exciting progression in the world of the unknown future that lies ahead.

I am not sure I have mentioned it here before, but a large part of my anxiety about post-graduation plans has come from a long period of waiting. Waiting is not always an easy thing to do. After praying about it for several months, at the end of last year, I put in an application to The United Methodist Churchs' General Board of Global Ministries Mission Intern Program. (How's that for a mouthful?) You can read more about the program here, but the short of it is that it is a 3-year commitment during which I will be placed to engage in full-time ministry in a mission setting. The first half of the program will be spent abroad, the second half in a setting within the United States.

Since the application was completed, I have been anxious for a word on it. After dates being changed and pushed back, their budgets reviewed and facing losses, and my own anxiety and uncertainty moving from one end of the spectrum to the other, I have landed back in the place I was when I excitedly began the application process: it feels overwhelmingly perfect, and just the transition I am looking for beyond completion of school in May.

So. It has been a long and painful few months of waiting for any word on their review of applications. FINALLY, it is moving along. I have been invited to attend a weekend of young adult interviews in New York City. I couldn't be happier or more relieved for the word that I've made it through the first filtering of applicants, though I must also confess that even this brings more restlessness. The interview weekend will take place the third weekend in April: April 17-20. While I am excited (and a bit nervous) about this weekend of interviews, I am also a bit weary about how late it is! As the interviews will take place near the end of April, it will likely be May until I know whether or not I am accepted into the program... which means I'll be within weeks (or days) of graduation before I know whether or not I have a plan for ministry post-graduation. If it works out - PERFECT and AMAZING and I'll have a few months to prepare!!! If not... I'll be walking across the stage with no idea what lies ahead. eek!

Everything about this feels right, though, and I have always been one to trust my instinct. Even if I'm two months from the next step, I'm excited to be on to what is "next," and trying to let the excitement be the overwhelming factor rather than the anxiety or fear of the unknown!
(now... on to decide on summer plans...)

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