Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morning in Cape Town!

Its a beautiful morning in Cape Town, and the three of us have all arrived safely and had a good night’s rest. We woke up early when Tembo’s brother stopped by to check on us... and to let us know he would be back later to take us to get phones and find internet (hence this is finally posted!). While we were up, we weren’t quite awake, so we took advantage of the morning off by gathering in one bed under a blanket and chatting the morning away. Before long, we had taken a liking to the beauty of the silence of the morning, and the time flew by. Its taken until nearly 11 for us to awake, eat, and now to blog a bit on our first morning in South Africa!

In a short while we’ll have phones, and we’ll let the world know we’re alive and well and soaking in the beauty that is around us. I look forward to the opportunity to update more in the near future!

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