Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My New Means of Transportation

I made a big, exciting purchase today!

I have been looking for a quality road bike for over 2 months, and though it isn't exactly what I wanted, it is very close. I purchased a Specialized Allez A1 Road Bike. It is lovely: mostly white with some gray and red accents.

I plan to take it in to get a good tune-up for it and get it adjusted properly, and then I'll be golden. Along the way I'll need to get some updates such as new pedals (I want/need clip-ins, but I also need the shoes, which may come first b/c I can use them at spin class too). It needs some minor stuff: like a battery for the speedometer and some new handlebar tape (so many choices- what color do I pick!?!?). Such costs add up quickly (and the bike wasn't cheap!), but I am confident it is more than worth it. I am VERY excited to own this beauty, and I can't wait to get her fixed up so I can take her on her first ride!!! (first few rides in nice weather would be preferable, and those days are running out!)

Once she's all fixed up (and I've named her... I think she needs a name... and yes, I think she's a she), I'll post pictures. Other than my computer, she's now the most expensive thing I own, so rest assured I'm proud and protective!!

(and in case any ride:well members read this (*cough* Mike) - I expect you to go on a ride with me - no matter the weather - when you visit!!!)


Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GIRL....colour is the real isse... and a name????

Alex said...

The handle bar tape should be red!

As for naming it, I see nothing wrong with that. I name all my computers, and even my car is named, I call her Patrica.

She's a 1998 4dr White Cavalier.