Sunday, October 5, 2008

Next Year is the Year!

Well... the Cubbies didn't pull it off this year... they lost game 3 of Round 1. Which means 100 years has passed between winning the series... it also means I don't get to see them play (this year) in a playoff game. Which means my grandpa isn't going to fly (I still can't believe he was willing to get on a plane for this!) out to visit me, stay with me for a couple of days, and go to the game with me. I am VERY disappointed... but it was worth dreaming (and the bit of money lost on fees, etc for buying the tickets) just to hear the anticipation and excitement in my Grandpa's voice. I'm disappointed... I think he was truly heartbroken! But hopefully this will lead to a game at Wrigley in the spring... playoffs or not, I would LOVE to be the one to take him to his first game in the belovedy Wrigley Field, to see the old score board and ivy-covered walls for the first time. There is nothing like being at "home" in that wonderful ball park!!

And yes... like it or not... I have said it countless times already: Next year is our year!!! This year made it 100. We've been 100 without it (winning would have made 99... 100 makes it better ;) ). So we've gone without 100 years... and in year 101, its all CUBS!!! Woot!

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