Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm holding my breathe... the Chicago Cubs are currently down 3-0 to the Dodgers in game three of the 5-game 1st round playoffs. Yes, my lungs are burning from holding so long... but I'm a Cubs fan through and through, and I'll hold it to the end!!!

That... and WHEN they win tonight, then again tomorrow, and AGAIN on Tuesday, they'll make it to the next round - the FINAL playoff set (of 7 games) to put them one step closer to the World Series!!! Its been 100 years... its time!!! That, and I HAVE TICKETS to Thursdays game!!! So I've invited my Grandfather - a lifelong Cubs fan who knows the pain of heartache all too well - and who has NEVER made it to Wrigley field. His 70th birthday is next weekend (Sunday!), so seeing them play 3 days before would be PERFECT!!! and I've always wanted to go to a game with him... but it would take playoffs to talk him into boarding an airplane to get here (he does NOT fly!)... he's pretty much decided on coming if they make it... so fingers crossed, folks... we still have 3 solid innings to pull it off... (its getting late, but there's no way I'll sleep till its over...)

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