Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Refreshing Ride

Today has been a considerably unproductive day. I spent much of it relaxing and listening to some Matthew Perryman Jones.


The weather is BEAUTIFUL, and I decided to go for an evening ride before the sun disappeared over what could be the last nice day we have (that I have off, anyway). So I biked to Best Buy, where I picked up a new battery for my bike computer.

The weather was perfect. The path was amazing. And YES - short ride or not, it was my first - so I wore my Ride:Well jersey in honor of the team and all we accomplished this summer.

The freedom and joy and life I feel after going on a short ride - in town and then around the lake (just under 15 miles) - is amazing. I know I made the right choice in going through with a bike purchase. Its a new lifeline to "escape" the feeling of the city, even from within it. And its more eco-friendly than when I used to do so by going for a drive.

Amazing. Wonderful. God-filled. Life is good today.

(I just wish my papers were done before I began this week of midterms and working 40 hours...)

PS - I also learned a valuable lesson about keeping ones mouth (literally) closed while on a bike ;)

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