Friday, December 28, 2007

Going Home

I going to make it home tonight!!

I had a wonderful- busy- stressful- blessed time at home in South Dakota full of opportunities to visit with family and friends that I don’t often get to see. (This photo is of the frozen, snow-covered McCook Lake- taken from the window of my parents' house in SD)

After a long day of fog and snow here this morning and this afternoon in Chicago, I am finally going to make it home. I am on-board a plane that is heading for Chicago after a few hours’ delay. The flights are all backed up due to bad weather, so I’m going to be lucky to make it home by midnight (as opposed to the originally planned 7:30), but at least I’m going to make it!

It is good to be going home. I love my family, and it is good to see them. Yet the longer I was at home, the more I was itching to be back at my own home, warm and cozy in my own bed, in the comfort of my own home, with the wonderfulness that comes with it: my internet, the gym, friends I can call/stop by anytime for anything, my church, familiarity- heck, even the El!

I do love being home, and McCook Lake, South Dakota will always be “home.” But some things are best in small doses. If nothing else, I have been reminded on this trip that it is good to go away from a place (Chicago) to be reminded of how wonderful it is, and thus to learn to appreciate it all over again. (This is the snowy wonderland down by the river in Sioux City- the best photos are always those taken while the snow is still falling!)

It will be good to be home.

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