Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good to be Home

All of our other staff (except Andrew, of course!) are away with family, so today was a weird day at church. But it is good to be back! Monica and our Deacon (Erin) each preached at one service this morning and I felt both went very well. Ran a little short, but better short than long!

It was good to have Erin at the service this morning. As she has been on maternity leave, we have not yet worked together. But she is back as of this week, and it will be great to get to know her better. I’m looking forward to changes that may bring this spring!

After it feeling so weird to be back at McCook Lake UMC this past week, it felt REALLY good to be back at Holy Covenant. It will be strange (for better or worse) if/when Mike (from McCook UMC) does make it to visit here (he is planning to be in Chicago over a weekend sometime this spring and wants to see the church I'm working in). It certainly is... ummm... different. But hey- ALL are welcome here, right? (remind me I said this when the time comes, as I'll surely be nervous about it!)

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