Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inspired by Advent

As I sit writing a paper for my United Methodist Worship class, I cannot help but to think about how thankful I am for the opportunity for the first church I’ve worked in to be such a well-balanced church. Contemporary and integrating various forms of worship, music styles, etc., there is also a high regard for liturgy, which I appreciate. It has helped me to understand ways to maintain the important liturgies of the church without having to have a formal, “high church” service. Not many places can do this (and do it well). Certainly this church isn’t perfect, but I have learned a lot from it.

It has also made me fall in love with the wonderful season of Advent all over again. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the church- Holy Covenant- and everything to do with the "Church." Being involved on a new level is somehow very different, inspiring, and new kind of encouraging. It is an incredible thing to enjoy the hope and excitement of all that is Advent, rather than looking at it as the few weeks before Christmas. There is so much more to it than that, and seeing and appreciating that is a beautiful, life-giving thing!

I must get back to work now… writing on my theology of the Sacraments… good thing United Methodists only have 2!!!

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