Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holy Covenant In Timeout Chicago

It seems like Holy Covenant has been getting a lot of press lately... and you won't hear us complaining about it!

In this week's issue, Timeout Chicago had an article on local churches that have been engaging in unique worship experiences. One of those mentioned was Holy Covenant, who

..attracts younger folks with provocative sermon topics that sound like Gossip Girl episodes, including “David: The Manipulative Backstabber” (Sun 9) and “Mary: The Pregnant Teenager” (Dec 16).

"Our congregation is diverse in terms of age range and sexual orientation, so we don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics,” says office administrator and member Chris Hein, who adds that the median age of the congregants is 25.

Holy Covenant’s attendance spikes during its semiannual “U2 Eucharist” service, which features music by—you guessed it—U2. In support of Bono’s activism, pastor Trey Hall donates proceeds to local and international poverty organizations. The next “U2 Eucharist” takes place in spring 2008.

It is good to get press and to let people know that we exist, we are a young, welcoming congregation, and we are not afraid to talk about issues that are often avoided in church. To read the entire article, see Sunday party Sunday in this week's issue, available in print or online.

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