Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Love of Christ at Christmas

Merry Christmas, Friends!
This has indeed been an odd Christmas for me. I have seen lots of family, but as not all of us were together for the first time, it felt like yet another family gathering, not like Christmas. What can one do when their favorite uncle (and my Godfather!) decides to stay a couple thousand miles away (in the warm weather rather than snow) for Christmas? I only get to see them once each year, so it is indeed a very sad time when they can’t make it.

But might I also celebrate with them. Christmas is a time we are reminded of those we love and how invaluable their lives are to us. It is also a time- as we have been taught by our culture- to remember to be extra generous. (for better or worse). Doug and Theresa have decided to spend their Christmas with children who have nothing, taking them their only gifts they will receive this year. Their families are also provided with Christmas dinner. How selfish is it that I am sad not to see my aunt and uncle while a young girl is blessed by their presence, and at only 5 years old sees them and exclaims “we got food!”
What would it be like to be spending Christmas worrying about having dinner, rather than how much weight I will gain from the abundance of food we have? I am thankful for this story because it reminds me that while it is good to spend this annual time with family, there are bigger things in the world to be concerned with, even on Christmas. Doug and Theresa realize this, and the world is a better place because of them.

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