Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Great Musical Discovery

I just discovered something that has made my day- maybe even my month!

As you probably know, I *LOVE* music, and my life wouldn't be complete without it. Especially when the lyrics (I love those that make me think, are intense and/or in-your-face) match up all too perfectly with the music. It isn't about one or the other (lyrics or music), its about balance of the two.

One of my favorite artists is Derek Webb. From him, I've found a few Andrew Osnega songs I love, and from there, I've branched out to yet a few more. Its been a wonderful process of discovery of amazing artists. Yesterday, I was browsing Andrew Osnega's website and for the first time clicked on a peculiar link that read "The Square Peg Alliance."

The Square Peg Alliance may be my best musical discovery of the year! I know its early, but this is great! I followed the link to find that other amazing (many independent) artists have formed an "alliance" to support one another. In the description, the website reads:
That is why we are the Square Peg Alliance. Thirteen artists who might not fit perfectly into the traditional mold of the music business, but have found a home with each other.
About 2 weeks ago, I discovered a couple new acoustic artists- I don't remember how, but I have been VERY pleased with this new music and the incredible depth to it. One of those artists- Andy Gullahorn- is a part of this alliance. If that is any kind of tell, I think I may have just discovered an amazing "alliance" of artists I'm about to fall in love with. I can't wait!!! I'm going to check them out- you should too!

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