Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Illness befalls me Again.

Today, I am frustrated.

In the six weeks since my return from England, I have been sick three times. Three. The first, I was convinced was a bad cold that wiped me for just over a week. Then the second, I thought was a flu, and I was out for about 5 days. Now, just a week after deciding I was over, I am sick again.

After waking up yesterday not feeling well, and it only getting worse today, I decided this is unnatural and it has probably been the same strain that my body can't fight off. So I broke down and went to a doctor. Anyone who knows me, knows that takes a bit for me- especially since I don't even have a doctor here! So I called around to see where I could get in as a new patient, and finally made it to see one today.

I went. I even left class early to get there. Then he talked to me for about 5 minutes, decided I have a virus (for 6 weeks?), gave me a decongestant and bid me farewell. But not before asking me to schedule another appointment to come in for a full physical and get some blood work done, etc. Umm.... I'm pretty sure 1- a full physical isn't necessary and 2- if the blood work is necessary and related to this, shouldn't we do it now, while I'm here, rather than make multiple trips out in this freezing weather? I have no doubt the significant amount of time I spend in the cold (because I walk everywhere) plays a role in my weakening immune system... fewer trips to the doctor means fewer times I have to walk the mile (one way) in the cold... For all I know I have mono... it would explain why I'm so tired all the time, even when I sleep enough...

argh. Modern Medicine. This is why I don't often go to see doctors. If I'm not better in a couple of days, I may try to see someone else and get a "second opinion." Not because I think I'm dying or anything... but because I just don't think it possible that I would have a virus for 6 weeks that doesn't also have (at least) bacteria on top of it that needs treated (an antibiotic or something). That, and he seemed pretty distraught when he found out what my "profession" was. "Women can be priests? I don't understand" No- I explained I'm United Methodist, women can be clergy, our roles are similar, etc. He thought that was pretty suspicious, and was CLEARLY not excited about the idea. So maybe I'm biased of his opinion as a result of his biases against me... either way, I'm heading off to bed so I can get better soon.

Here's to waking up feeling 100% tomorrow. And NOT spreading whatever I have to the world I will encounter. [thanks for reading my rant. I'm done now.]

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