Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mardi Gras Sunday

Mardi Gras Sunday today went GREAT! It was MUCH better than I felt like last year went, and I had a great time singing, dancing, blowing a whistle and even recruiting people for a conga line during the closing song of worship. It was a fantastic way to celebrate just before we get serious in the beginning of Lent!

After a rough morning of not waking up until it was ten minutes past time for me to be out the door for church (literally... the phone call wondering where I was woke me up), I am pleased everything ran so smoothly today. That it didn't have to be "one of those days." I'm also glad that this week of all weeks, we had been planning to go extra early b/c Kim needed to be there an hour before I did! Which meant I had time (though not much!) to get ready and run out the door (quite literally) to catch a train. And of all days, the train was ahead of schedule today and running smoothly, so it got me there in 45 minutes rather than the minimum 60 it usually takes!
As worship was followed by a productive meeting, I feel like today has great potential for productivity yet. Superbowl? Not today. I have lots of work to get to... and am not even a small fan of either team. I think thats a first in a long time, so I guess I'll take advantage of it as a work day and watch the commercials I missed online tomorrow. (that's the most important part anyway, right?) :)

oh... and one more thing that makes today great- I got tickets to go see RENT!!! Its coming to Chicago for only 6 days... and I've ALWAYS wanted to see it! Thankfully I found someone at church today (kind of on accident) who wants to see it!!!! Its only 2 weeks from today!!

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