Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Caffiene: Best Friend and Worst Enemy

I've come to the sad realization today that I am once again addicted to caffeine. I have had a terrible headache all day. I even took some tylenol at one point and it didn't waiver. Then the link that I had not had any caffeine yet today occurred to me (it was about 6pm). When I returned home from a nice dinner with friends, I had a cup of coffee as I sent a couple long-overdue emails. Almost instantly, my headache went away.

The trouble is... I don't drink caffeine because I need it. Quite the contrary, caffeine has such an impact on me that I do not usually drink it in the evening because it will keep me up into the night (as is the case tonight... since I had my coffee at about 9pm!). It also just so happens that my favorite - and always accessible - beverages, have caffeine. Diet Coke, coffee, and lattes, for example. Caffeine-free coffee is fine (when I remember to ask), but caffeine free pop just isn't the same. As was pointed out by someone else tonight, its partly because the keep the same amount of sugar in it, but the bitterness of the caffeine isn't there to even it out - so it is far too sweet! Kind of like drinking non-diet pop... I can't handle it - too sweet!

I guess once I finish these papers and have the energy to deal with the "withdraw," I should cut it off again. A clean start to my summer journey, I suppose. Though I am sure once that trip begins, it won't be long before I'm addicted again. I do miss my over-doses of water, though... as anyone will tell you, that is more often than not my drink of choice. Its a sad day when my body (that is, pounding head!) tells me otherwise. I've got to fix that!

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