Saturday, May 3, 2008


I stand corrected in my choice of words regarding a petition about war and military service. Our UM Book of Discipline will indeed still read that we believe war is "incompatible with Christian teaching." What failed was an attempt to add a sentence that states: "Though coercion, violence, and war are presthe ultimate sanctions in international relations, we reject them as incompatible with the gospel and spirit of Christ." The paragraph goes on to recognize the disagreement United Methodists have on matters of military service. (I wish we could admit such disagreement on all issues...) This petition can be found here.

Based on a conversation I had with a delegate, my understanding of what changed was different than what I have actually been able to find. So either I misunderstood, or he was mistaken. I've
removed the sentence I mentioned it in earlier...

I'll post more now. I've had some time to reflect on everything, and only wish I had the time to share it all here...

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