Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

I don't really do the whole "Patriotic" thing... but I do love that Memorial Day gives us a day off! For me, Memorial Day has become directly associated with grilling out and spending time with family.

It was nice to do just that today. After finishing a major paper for the semester (yea!!), I went down to the beach (of Lake Michigan) and met up with some friends. This year has been so intense and full of so many things to do that I am discovering now how little time I made for my amazing friends who make up my family here in Chicago.

I am grateful today was able to be different as we were able to just relax, share some laughs and lots of smiles, enjoy some good food and walk on the beach. I have missed my family a great deal this year, and I am grateful for their understanding as I make my way back to them (just in time to leave again next week).

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