Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Holy Covenant UMC

Today is a day of mixed emotions as chapters that are ending and new days that shall open: Today was my last day as an intern at Holy Covenant UMC.

It is strange, exciting, wonderful, terrible, joyous and sad. I have LOVED working and worshiping in this church over the past year, and I am greatly going to miss it. I could not have asked for a better place to learn so much about life in ministry, and I know my experiences there will continue to shape my ministry in the future. I am thankful for all of this.

It is always exciting to complete a task, to finish a job (that I think has been well done!), and to be able to move forward, looking forward to the next task, it is also sad. With it comes goodbyes that we are not always ready for. Fortunately, I am not yet leaving Chicago, so I intend to visit a time or two (when Kim is preaching!) next year.

I am thankful Andrew was there to see me off. I am REALLY going to miss working closely with him! He helped to make this year a joy for me, and I am grateful to have gotten to know him so well.

Time moves on... and so must we! For better or worse, the time has come to move on from this blessed place.

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