Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City

Tonight was the night!

The much-awaited "Sex and the City" movie came out today! I was never a HUGE fan when it was on the air, but after spending many nights watching whole seasons on DVD (especially when in Australia!), I have to admit it did become a guilty pleasure. That is why when a friend sent out an e-vite asking us to purchase tickets as week in advance so we could all go together, I jumped at it!

The night would not have been complete without a few things. First, we all dressed up, complete with great shoes (I totally forgot to get a "shoe picture"). Second, we went early to the Rhythm Room, where Cosmos were on special (of course!).

This movie was not just another movie. It was an EVENT. It was mostly women in the theater, all of whom clearly know the plot well (why else would you have pre-ordered tickets to this sold-out movie!?). As a result, the producers had to do almost nothing to engage us, and within 5 minutes folks were talking back to the movie. But not in that annoying sort of way... more in an interactive, conversational way. We didn't even know the folks behind us, but Amanda and I were almost grateful for their comments as we laughed with them, and they with us. Alas, I must admit I was one of the many cheering in a few scenes, and sitting on the edge of my seat in another.

Was it a good movie? No. Was it good for putting a whole season of a familiar and loved show into one film? Absolutely. The result, then? I LOVED IT! And we looked cute, so that made it all the better.
One thing for sure is this: We should have a "Girls Night" more often!

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