Monday, May 19, 2008

A Broken, Mourning World

My heart is sad this afternoon as I sit to get an update on world news.

Burma has declared a time of three days dedicated to mourning the loss of the nearly 78,000 people who died as a result of the deadly May 2 cyclone that hit. Foreign aid workers trying to help victims of the disaster were haulted when government officials refused to let them into the country. Many of these deaths could have been prohibited... and it is indeed called for to mourn for them and for the reaction to officials who could have done so much to help in the aftermath of this disaster. It seems regulations are lightening, and help may soon be allowed in from all foreign nations. It is a shame this is happening so late, but it is indeed better late than never.

China has also begun a 3-day mourning period today to mark the earthquake that hit one week ago today. The 7.9 earthquake has left over 71,000 dead, buried or missing, with an additional 220,000 people injured. With a lot of work still ahead, there are stories of hope that also keep coming forth, encouraging the ongoing relief work.

And South Africa is in increasing turmoil as violence heightened over the weekend, specifically around Johannesburg. According to BBC, around 6,000 people have fled the wave of attacks on foreigners in South Africa, which has left at least 22 dead. Video and stories heard from those on the ground there are reminiscent of Apartheid days. Many are calling for a state of emergency...

I hope we can pray together for all of these nations and all of those around the world (including in my own country of the US) who are hurting, in need of help just out of their reach, persecuted and discriminated against.

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