Monday, June 9, 2008

Broken in the Mountains

Today has been a BUSY day, to say the least!

I was up before 5am to pack up from Santa Monica and get the team on the road. They were off by 6:30, and shortly thereafter Drew and I had the church cleaned up and headed out as well. After a quick stop at the grocery store for lunch, we too were off and following the team to back them up with extra water, gatorade and food. Yes, I even had the chance to drive/pull our 15-passenger van with an 8-foot trailer through the mountains. God bless our bikers... that was one heck of a climb through mountains!!!!

Adventure ensued around lunch time. We unpacked lunch and I stuck around while Drew went to check on the folks in back of the pack. Then they came... and he never did!!! Details are still unfolding as to how this is going to work out... but here's the long story in short.

Drew did eventually return 2 hours later. He had caught a ride back to where the group was - the van broke down! On day 1! ugh. Red fluids, oh joy! ha. I'm actually not stressed about it at all, but we are having issues getting it towed to where we need it. It will sort out, and I am confident we'll have a working vehicle so that we (Drew and I, the drivers) can move on tomorrow too!! In the interim, extra prayers and support are welcome and needed!!!

Looking forward to diving into details of this adventurea later. I also have other blogs I've written on my computer but haven't had a chance to post yet... so look for that later.

Peace, friends! Thanks for your prayers!

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Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

remember: this is the adventure that you were looking for