Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 3 and all is "WELL"!

Just a quick update on today.

Jesse Bri and Drew didn't get back from picking up the van until 3am, so they were exhausted and took the morning off. Criselda, who "broke her butt" yesterday was sick from her pain meds, so it was a quiet van of 5 people! I drove & got lunch & headed out to support the team.

They were off just after 7... and did GREAT. Everyone was in by 4pm, and I am happy to report an uneventful day.

We are beginning a presentation and having a dinner in a few minutes at the church here in 29Palms, so I must be short. But know that all is well, including no accidents today (well, no injuries). I hope this is a tell of how the rest of the summer will go!!

It is HOT here in the dessert, and I am doing my best to not get sunburned. So far, so good... but I sure have a nice tan, despite the amount of sunblock we're using!!!

...Hopefully more reflections to come soon...

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