Saturday, June 14, 2008

Journeying Beyond "Hope"

Today we journeyed beyond Hope. (The sign leaving Hope, Arizona says “Your Now Beyond Hope” – yes, that is their typo, not mine, lol.)

Last night we camped in Hope, Arizona – a town of about 20 people that allowed for yet another great cross-cultural experience for Gregg.

It was REALLY hot out there. Even the breeze we initially hoped for we regretted as it felt like a hot hair dryer blowing past us. The amount of water that was necessarily consumed was obnoxious – I wasn’t even biking (though the van is hot too!) and I probably drank a couple gallons throughout the day. We took a break, then, in the middle of the day to cool off in a park in Wickenburg. Next to the park was a pool, which many of the team got in to cool off. By many of the team, I must include myself… though my initial intention was just to put my feet in. My great trust in Jesse meant I didn’t even resist when he threatened to pull me in. As I thought he was kidding, he thought I’d resist, and the combination of these things resulted in my falling in and being asked by a lifeguard to get out of the pool because they don’t allow folks to wear “that kind of shirt” in the pool. (Please note: I was wearing a gray cotton t-shirt, haha).

Much of the team was shuttled ahead to Phoenix to take care of bike repairs, etc before the shops closed. That left Matthew (who is out for a couple of days b/c of his knees) and I to follow up as the support team. We had a great time in the van. Between our random music selections, our misguided directions, and our great ability to disagree and have fun doing it, it was fantastic. I love that there is someone on the team I can have that kind of relationship with… the kind of relationship that allows us to push each other and disagree (or play devils advocate even when we don’t just for the sake of learning and growth). It was awesome… and though I are tired at the end of the long day, I’m glad we got to spend the time together.

Today made me think about how much I am missing by not being out on the road with the bikers. I would never wish for anything to happen to the bikers to keep them from being able to ride, but it sure has been nice to have that time to get to know the folks who have spent time in the van. It also feels great to be a week in and still think (know) that everyone on the team is awesome. Its crazy it has only been one week… and I’m glad we have 6 to go!

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