Thursday, June 12, 2008

A picture for you. Just One.

My own computer decided to connect to the internet, so I thought I'd post pictures. Then I realized I don't really have many of me! ha, oh well. Sunday was a great day... I have a few from there.

Mindy, Don, Jessica and Matthew (took the picture) went up to the observatory on Sunday before church... it was BEAUTIFUL! I got a few good shots of the others... and this is the only one I'm in. You can kind of see the (smoggy but beautiful) view of LA behind us.
Later on Sunday I climbed an AWESOME tree that is the 2nd oldest of its kind in the US. Its the tree that inspired Disney's treehouse - I was glad I didn't wear flip-flops :)

eh, well... I was trying to upload 1-a picture of the gigantuous tree, and 2- a picture of me in it, but the internet here is slow and its taking forever. So I guess one picture will have to do for tonight. I'll get on taking more of me in the future. :)

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