Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day of Rest

Sunday, June 15

As yesterday was a long day, I was dirty and exhausted when we finally arrived in the Phoenix area. However, before I was even situated and before the final crew of bikers arrived, my 2 Great Aunts and Great Uncle (Glennyce, Arlys, and Dave) arrived to pick me up. I went with them (yes, still covered in dust and dirt from the desert) to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant where my cousin works. She was just getting off, so as we passed I got to meet Tina for about 2 minutes for the first time. It is good, yet kind of weird, to see family in this area.

I stayed with Glennyce for the night in a big, soft, amazing bed. Her house was beautiful, her dogs friendly, and her presence amazing! It was so brief, yet it was great to see her and be able to take the little time I did have to talk to her. It was also great that Callie (my cousin I’d only met twice before, but who is also my age) came over with her baby. It was great to see them.

Around 12:30, Glennyce dropped me off at the Diamondbacks field. Don got our team free tickets to the game – and they were awesome! Box seats with our own private bathroom, even! They lost (against Kansas City), but it was still fun!!

After the game, we went to Criselda’s house, where we learned that her parents are seriously as awesome as they sounded when she spoke of them. They had a plethora of food and lounge space, complete with computers set up if folks wanted to check their email. It was great to have scheduled time to just lay back and relax. I called Brian, who is living in Phoenix for the summer, and even he came over and chilled with us for a bit. It was really nice to hang out, chat, get to voice some of my struggles thus far with someone who is coming from a different perspective. It is always good to see friends, and it was fantastic to be able to hang out outside of MoSAIC activities, which seem to be the only other times we have spent together (not that that’s all bad, of course).

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