Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Good Day

The team is going SO strong today! It is mountainous and intense, but they are working through exhaustion and working it out. Awesome!

We had a great stop at McDonalds’ picnic tables for lunch, and met some great folks from all over. Folks their in Springerville were incredibly supportive and interested in the Ride:Well Tour. We handed out tons of brochures, and I got the best reaction yet (I wish you could have seen/heard it!) from a woman in disbelief of how far we were going. It was great.

The only down part of the day has been the elevation. We have climbed our way up to 7,000 feet, and the elevation has hit Mike and made him sick. He had to get in the van (in many ways against his will) to get some better air, and we hope he feels better soon so he can ride in the morning.

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