Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brief England Review

I've been back from England for just over a week now, and its has certainly flown by!

I spent most of this week isolating myself from the world in an attempt to not infect anyone else with my miserable cold that I probably caught on the plane home from London. I did make an effort to get out and get fresh (frozen, usually temps below 0F) air... even if it meant only to go to the gym each morning.

England was great. My favorite moment? When we squeezed all 15 of us (14 in our group, + one of the ministers from the church) into this tiny prayer "closet" - which of course belonged to none other than John Wesley. We took time to gather together, to take a moment of peace and rest and be still before praying together. It was beautiful... a holy moment that moved nearly all of us in the room to tears...

I also thoroughly enjoyed the seeming simplicity of the scenery. I love the way the architecture and even the layout of the streets is so different that you just know when you're in England. Its lovely. and Cambridge? Beautiful! There were countless gorgeous college campuses and cathedrals just waiting to be explored and appreciated, inside and out... it was so magnificent...

We spent most of our time in Cambridge, taking a couple of day trips from there to London. Then we spent a night in Bristol and another in Oxford before heading back to London to fly out. Minimal problems getting home, really... especially considering there was a plane crash at London Heathrow Airport the day before we flew out!!!

Overall, this was a great trip, and I enjoyed getting to know some of the others on the trip. We had a great time, complete with unending jokes about how incredibly young I am (they get old, but at least with this group it was all in good, sincere fun!). While this is probably not the review I would typically write for you all, it'll have to do for now. I need to run through my sermon once more tonight before getting up early and heading to church in the morning. :)

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