Monday, January 28, 2008

Choice of a Good Movie over Bad Politics

I should have more patience with such things, but tonight, I just didn't have it in me to watch the State of the Union Address by our President George W. Bush. I do celebrate that it was his LAST one, though!!

Instead of sitting, glued to a television, I went with my wonderful neighbor to see the new movie, "27 Dresses." Definitely a chick-flick, and I loved it! It was very entertaining- funny and sad, surprising - or at least not so overly cheesy and predictable that it left me scrambling! Without giving anything away for those of you who may someday see it, I will only say this about it: my favorite part is at the end. In a lot of movies, I get quickly annoyed with characters who are sure in 2 days that they are in love. In this film, much to my surprise and appreciation, upon big build up in the scene, where I expected the "I love you" we'd all been waiting for, I heard, "I think I'm falling in love with you!" YES!

Reality, friends. Katherine Heigl, I think I'm falling even more in love with YOU! ha. Just think what a better, lower divorce-rate kind of world we could live in if people stopped to actually think about those important words and what they mean more often!

On the way home from the movie, my little sister texted me to ask if I was watching the State of the Union Address. To which I of course promptly responded with "No! I didn't want to be sick! ... just on my way home now, listening to anti-Bush songs from the Juno soundtrack instead." When her only response was to laugh, it left me to smile, and know that I have done well as a big sister. To know that she has grown from our President-supporting "no matter what goes on because he's the President and can!" mindset into one that is more free-thinking. I don't care what one's politics are- really. As long as you have reason for supporting the candidate and have a stance other than because "they're the ones in power, and so we should follow suit." That is absolutely unacceptable.

This idea of accepting power just because it is, is one of the least Christian things we as a society have ever grabbed ahold of. At least, within our own boarders of the US, of course- for we certainly don't respect any other world powers. That aside, I am reminded of my friend Pete's blog, in which he recently wrote on a similar topic about believing it is the will of God that our elected leaders, lead us. The US definitely heads up such thinking as we use phrases as "one nation, under God," but we are not alone in it. (and whether or not GW Bush has ever actually been elected is up for debate anyway!)

Ahhh. So many thoughts. So much to say and do. So much that shall CHANGE in the next year. Yes. It is finally time for CHANGE. Praise God for that!

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