Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peace Deal in Eastern Congo

Good news today.

With the ongoing news about the terrible situation in Kenya and the never-ending bad news out of the Middle East, news today from Eastern Congo brings hope into our dark world.

A peace pact has been signed in Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, by the government and armed groups. From BBC News:

It aims to end months of bloody conflict in the east which has driven almost 500,000 people from their homes.

The deal offers an amnesty to Gen Nkunda and his forces but the rebels say its full implementation will be dependent on the disarming of an ethnic Hutu militia.

The different factions had said they were ready to demobilise after seeing the peace deal on Monday but then disagreements emerged.

The breakthrough came after a flurry of last-minute face-to-face contacts and telephone calls involving government ministers, the rebels and international diplomats.

Of course, this important step is far from the end, and further cooperation will be needed by others to truly end the violence in the Congo. But it is indeed a step, and an encouraging one. It means there is an end in site.. after more than 10 years of fighting and 5.4 million lives being lost, I see this as a strong sign of HOPE.

Let us continue to pray together for further successes that follow, that someday the Democratic Republic of Congo, and our world, will see peace.

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Mare said...

mm..hope! Good to hear.