Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home from England

England was absolutely lovely, and I am glad to have finally made it to our mother country. Since I can't write a long review, here are a few things worth noting:
  • The weather was nice to us, in the 40s most days, with rain far less than anticipated
  • Traveling in a group is NOT overrated- I'll stick to my independent travels anyday!
  • ^^That being said, it was priceless to have great friends (old and new) with me to share the experience with. Especially since they'll still understand and laugh at new jokes with me now that we've returned!
  • I am more of a Wesleyan than I thought. I LOVED seeing, touching, "feeling" the presence of the Wesleys in the historic places in England. This was truly a Methodist pilgrimage... and it was amazing.
  • My favorite moment was when all 14 in our group + Jennie (Assoc. Pastor at City Road Methodist Church) gathered in John Wesley's private prayer room in his house for a time of reflection an prayer. It was a holy moment; the presence of God among us was thick, and I believe all but 2 were moved to tears (I was NOT one of those 2!). I live for moments like that... moments when the closeness of God is intense, so real...
  • Least favorite moment, though its funny now, was "getting" to go outside in the cold in the middle of the night for a fire alarm in our hotel the night before we left. 2 alarms, actually- but at least I got a "souvenir" hypothermia blanket! :)
  • There is no place like home. A warm, cozy bed, pure, blissful silence and "alone time." It can't be beat!
  • From the airplane (or Heather...), I picked up a cold. Its not terrible yet, but I hope it doesn't get any worse!
  • Trips away are NOT restful. The first night upon arrival to Chicago I was allowed to both go to bed early AND sleep in, I slept for 13 hours straight with no interruption. Accidentally, of course (8pm-9am), but I am thankful for the opportunity because I must have needed it!
I'm back to the "real world" and have heaps of writing to do. Assignments for the class as well as preaching on Sunday... tomorrow is my sermon-writing day. Hopefully my decongestant kicks in enough for my head to clear and the writing to begin!

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