Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Entertaining websites

When I googled "GW Bush State of Union Address" tonight so that I could read it, check out some reviews on it, etc, I found myself easily distracted with websites that came up.

One was intriguing purely on the basic principle of the name of the website. For example, bushorchimp.com. Yes, it really is what it sounds like, and the picture here is only one of many! Yes, there are also T-shirts available. But if you want a shirt, keep reading...

As if the pictures and random blogs/quotes weren't enough, I was actually a bit disappointed to find State of the Union Bingo, complete with these Bush chip markers, on the democrat website. Mind you this wasn't disappointing on principle, but more because I didn't know it was there, and if I had known where to find it (its been a running tradition), I may have wanted to play for one last go-around of Bushisms.

In addition to these fun things, I found one more thing worth sharing. Yes, it too is a website dedicated to making fun of Bush. But this one is FREE! Well, minus shipping, of course! Yes, that's right- there are so many Bushisms out there that this website is dedicated to giving away FREE T-SHIRTS with the Bushism of your choice on it.

Since I am clearly very unbiased in my politics, I thought this would be a good outlet to share these new discoveries. I hope you enjoy- and take advantage of- these websites!

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