Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome Baby Lily!

I am SO excited, I must share this here!!

I have just arrived home, and after adding a few things to my to-do list, I settled in here to complete my routine of checking email, etc before getting to work or heading to bed. One of these things I added to my list was to call my friend Laura... who is VERY pregnant, to see how she's doing...

I got home to find an email and picture of the new baby girl!!! Lillian Elizabeth (Lily) was born yesterday evening at 5:45pm, was 7lbs 6oz, and is 21inches!!! She is SO precious, I can't wait to meet her!!!

Life - new life- is such a beautiful, precious thing. For the first time all day I wish we weren't in for this big snow storm so I could go up and visit Mommy/Daddy/baby as early as tomorrow... :) I hope through this post you are able to sense even the smallest piece of joy that is bubbling forth from me right now!

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