Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holy Covenant In the News - Again!

This week (yesterday) on Chicago Public Radio, they did an article on congregations that "Reach Out with Rock, Jazz, and Martinis"

At the forefront of this article... Holy Covenant.
It's Sunday morning, and a worship service is underway inside Holy Covenant United Methodist Church on West Diversey. Methodists have been singing and praying in this neo-Gothic, stained-glass windowed sanctuary for 118 years, and this morning is no different.

Wait a minute, scratch that. It's a lot different. The hymnal - the Methodists' beloved hymnal - is nowhere in sight. Instead of the lofty, poetic hymns by Charles Wesley, the congregation is singing lofty, poetic anthems by Bono...
Great PR. Great review. You can listen to or read the rest of the article here. Or check out the HC website for more information on our upcoming, unique services... beginning with this week's
Palm Sunday service- "A Service in the Early American Folk Tradition."

I'm excited for Holy Week.

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