Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unexpected Memories this Arvo

Its funny how some things- some pieces of language, to be precise in this case- never really leave us. They remain a part of us even when we think they have long been forgotten...

Yesterday afternoon I sent an email to a friend inviting her to join me for a "study party" at a coffee shop. The idea is, of course, that if we are studying together, we will have someone to keep us on task, preventing further procrastination via avenues such as Facebook, Snood, or blogging.

The slip came when I was typing, and unexpectedly, I realized I had written, "What are you up to this arvo?" Arvo. I haven't heard someone use that in years! Its a slang term in Australia used to mean "afternoon." During my time there 3 years ago, I heard it used often, mostly from my good friend David. It usually came with last-minute plans for the day as we tried to sort out something to do over AIM. He used it a lot... but its not a term I myself used- maybe ever? Which begs the question- why all of the sudden did it slip out today!?!

The people, beauty, destinations and memories of my time there have been on my heart lately with thoughts of Jane as she visited, Rosie as she mourns, Katie as we recently spoke for the first time in nearly 2 years... and of course Bec and Nat as I look forward to seeing them in April! But all of them (except Jane) are Americans... and I am confident they have not used it (at least not in conversation to me!) within the past year...

Anyway, it was a "mistake" that made me smile and reminds me of the great times I had there, the amazing folks I met, and the unimaginable memories we created. I really do hope one day I am able to find a reason/way to go back with a few of the aforementioned folks by my side. To take time to share in one another's company again, going back to our home away from home and visiting the "Mothership" once again as we live like tourists and catch up with old friends who have stayed- or moved- there.

I hope memories like this one never cease to run from my mind. They might pop up only ever 3 years, but but that makes it all the more memorable when I am reminded of the many small things I miss about that beautiful country.

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