Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Steps: Summer 2008

I interviewed with those running the Ride:Well Bike Tour with Blood:Water Mission today. It went really well, feeling like more of an (almost casual) conversation than an interview. They're pretty much 100% excited for me to take the opportunity to go with them for the summer. Before any decisions are made on my side, though, I am waiting for answers to some of my questions. I hope it works out well, as it really does sound like a phenomenal opportunity, and will certainly be a great experience. Some of the questions I was uneasy about with the trip in general, we were able to talk about in vague terms, and I feel a lot better about them.

I am still waiting to hear from GBGM with any news on this summer's Global Justice Volunteers Program.

If offered both positions, I am not yet sure which I will choose. There are a LOT of variables still out there, though. BOTH are great options, and I will NOT be disappointed either way. I'm getting anxious to make a decision, though... as if I need to fundraise (likely!), I need to get going soon. I'll be sure to keep you updated as I pray and discern about which path I will be going down this summer. Then, of course, I'll also be seeking donations in order for it to take place... I'll let you know where they can be sent. ;)

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