Thursday, March 13, 2008

Positive Test Results

Today was the big day I've been waiting on for months... maybe even more than a year, depending on perspective. As a part of the ordination process for The United Methodist Church, candidates have to take (and pass!) a psychological evaluation. I got mine back today.


The part in which I evaluated myself and the part in which they evaluated me matched almost perfectly. Overall I thought it was a great profile of me, and they were pleased as well. The profile they have of who fits the role of clergy matched me at 89%... higher than 96% of those who take it. So they've profiled me as a great clergyperson... which is incredibly affirming - and scary! But it is good to know that I'm heading the right direction and to see that after all of this time of struggling to get this done, it has ended positively.

I'm glad this step has FINALLY been completed, and I am excited for the opportunity to move forward with candidacy/ordination!

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