Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Been 5 Years...

Yesterday marked 5 years since the war in Iraq began.

In some ways, it feels like that was just yesterday. I remember when it all began. I was in Durlam Lounge in the chapel at Simpson College, surrounded by friends and a faith community and trying to keep a friend with a fiance in the marines calm. It was a long, dreadful night.

Yet in other, perhaps more real ways, it feels like we've been at this war forever, and as such, its hard to see an end in sight. I have hope with upcoming elections, but as we have been at war for several decades, I am reminded that hope isn't enough. We need action, leadership - and a word of truth to final be spoken from our country's highest office.

There was a large (peaceful) protest in downtown Chicago last night. A huge part of me wanted to be there, but I had other (important) commitments. On my way home, I ran into some folks on their way back from the march. "There could have been more people, but it was powerful anyway" they told me, drums (plastic buckets and wooden blocks as sticks) in hand. There must have been a lot of truth to the small numbers, for I really had to look for any news coverage on it. Or maybe they're just tired of covering it, convinced that filling us in on the latest gossip between battling Presidential candidates is more important.

Either way, its too bad. Either way, I am still left praying for the tens of thousands of lives that have been lost senselessly. For the leaders who got us into this mess and those who will do their best to get us out of it. For the troops who have no say but to follow the lead of their Commander in Chief... and as a result are risking/losing their lives, if not physically than emotionally. For the people whose lives have been shattered as we invade their land, territory- their home. For all of these people and all of those around the globe this war has affected but I have not mentioned, I hope they know that thousands around the world have been thinking of and praying for them more this week than ever... and while it is hard to see the light in the midst of darkness, I hope they too can find hope that the light is out there, and is coming...

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