Sunday, March 2, 2008

Old Friends, Great Memories

It was SO good to hear from an old friend from college tonight!!!

Aside from a random email now and then, it has literally been years since I've spoken with a good friend of mine from college- Jo Tebbe. This girl is SO crazy! My "quiet friend" (given that title after the first time she met my sister... when she was yelling 100 yards across campus to say hello), we shared many good (and random) times together!

My, how times change. It is good to have opportunities like tonight to have even a quick 20-minutes to catch up on our lives and find how how we've changed. Modern technology almost seems to make that more difficult, for as a result of it, I know I am guilty of taking advantage of the fact that I can always "do it later." Sometimes "it" is a quick text message, Facebook message or the like... but there is nothing like a good, 'ol fashioned phone call to hear that familiar voice and kind laugh. (Admittedly the best "old fashioned" way to catch up would be a visit... but this is the next best when distance makes that so difficult!)

I thank God tonight for the many people whose paths I have crossed - and been blessed by - in my short life. I hope that even if it isn't as often as we would like, I am able to always keep in touch with those like Jo- or Gvonne (who I messaged with this weekend -via texts) - that we can always be encouraged and brought joy by the memories of our youth as we grow older. Not that we're "old" yet... but as most of my friends are now either engaged or married (CONGRATS again!), its only a matter of time before our own children (ahh!!) come along as well.

Friends. A reason to celebrate. This puts my heart at peace- and with great joy- in the middle of my stressful (and sickly!) weekend.

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